When Different Types of Caramel Matters

Ordering a regular Caramel Frappe at Starbucks can be such a complex experience for someone with dietary restrictions.

On a sunny Thursday afternoon, Mart & I were scheduled for a dental appointment. We were early so we agreed to do some work at Starbucks across the dental clinic. We decided to order one drink and share them together since it was a short wait. I went to the counter and placed my order.

Some of Mart’s dietary restrictions:

I already consulted a Starbucks barista before regarding these restrictions and she recommended a Caramel Frappe. So I ordered the same. I said “Caramel Frappe. No whipped cream”.

The order arrived. When I tasted, I tasted coffee! So I checked the receipt. They punched a Caramel Macchiatto (which was my usual order btw but not today). I told Mart he can’t drink this so we’ll have to order another drink. He agreed.

So I walked to the bar again and confirmed if the drink was really a Caramel Macchiatto. The cashier admitted that she made a mistake of punching a Caramel Machiatto Frappe instead of just Caramel Frappe. Then I explained that the reason I ordered Caramel Frappe was because my company isn’t allowed to drink coffee. Then the barista said the Caramel Frappe still contains coffee. 😱

I was surprised because that was the recommendation I got from the other Starbucks branch. Then I asked what frappe is available that contains no coffee. The barista said “Caramel CREAM Frappe”. 😐

Apparently, there is a “Caramel Macchiatto Frappe”, a “Caramel Frappe” and a “Caramel Cream Frappe”. It’s crazy! 😮

Anyway, I went ahead and said I’ll just order another one this time without the coffee. Then the barista smiled and said she’ll give it to me for FREE instead! 😱



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