Idle Coffee Corp — 1,000,000 downloads and the story so far!

Our first title, Idle Coffee Corp, is available globally as of last Thursday! … then it all happened so fast, we‘ve just counted the beans and are extremely proud to announce the milestone of first million downloads! 🚀🚀🚀

It’s a big milestone for us to reach global launch together with BoomBit and Superscale. Also it has been heartwarming to see our game receive very prominent visibility in the App Store and Play Store. Ultimately the biggest reward for us has been to deliver Idle Coffee Corp to the hands of already a million players! One cannot ask for a better start and we will be working hard to develop and improve the game further for all idle game fans and coffee aficionados around the world.

The Hero Banner in the App Store is a dream come true for a game developer.

Make sure to download it on either iOS or Android. 

New theme meets fresh design and original art style
We started looking into building an idle game last July and sat down to gather a long list of potential ideas. Something that hasn’t been done in a big way in the genre and that appeals to a broad audience. The restaurant / café idea on the list spawned a discussion around the “3rd wave coffee culture”, which in Berlin has bloomed in the past few years. Humour is an essential part of idle games and the coffee theme felt to provide a lot of room for it.

We dove head first into making a prototype of the game. Original idea was to make the gameplay and upgrading revolve around three stations (order, serve, cashier) which create a simple throughput problem for the player to manage. 6 weeks went into development of the prototype before coming to a conclusion that we need to press the reset button on the design.

The new design was then initially tested on a spreadsheet which was helpful in testing the innovative part of the gameplay. The gameplay element of assigning coffees to serve stations provides a puzzle element on top of the basic idle upgrade loop and the active clicker gameplay of tapping to invite and serve customers.

Cafe Simulator spreadsheet

Art style was something our art director had already in mind before we started the project. The simple 3D form of characters and the environment didn’t need much discussion — everyone in the team fell in love with it from the get go.

Visual Target Renders
Early Character Tests — some of these fellows kept their form to the very end

Here’s a trailer video to highlight current state of the visuals and gameplay.

During the development we got an IMGA nomination and were in the short list for The Best New Game and Guilty Pleasure at the award ceremony at GDC.

BoomBit & Future
We want to thank everyone at BoomBit and Superscale for the great cooperation to get the game from an early test launch build to a big bang global launch. This launch is a great start for the work together to make the game a big hit!

Enjoy while it’s hot!