Writing Prompts to Help You Craft Better Stories

These 7 science fiction writing prompts teach you advanced storytelling techniques while igniting your imagination

Science Fiction Writing Prompts article cover with an image of the title and a set of hands holding coffee and writing in a journal. Writing prompts that teach craft.
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In a previous article, I wrote on the use of prompts to help writers understand craft elements and level up their careers. Essentially, the average writer tackles writing prompts in a very…




A creative writing craft publication for writers who want to become masters of their art and engage their readers through storytelling techniques, believable characters, and settings that feel real. At Home Pro Writers gives writers all the tools they need to create.

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Aigner Loren Wilson

Helping writers tell better stories and sell their work. Work in Better Humans| The Writer| The Writing Cooperative. Follow to level up your writing.

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