Creative Intent

The force that decides your future as a writer is waiting to be realized.

Cover image for Creative Intent by Aigner Loren Wilson. Picture of a Black person with short hair sitting at a table in front of a computer and a white mug. They have their hand on their chin as though they are thinking. The words over the image read: write smarter.
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Knowing what your intentions are as a storyteller and writer allows you to embody story and your career in a way that moves past simply writing. It also helps you stay grounded in the world of publishing and writing.




A creative writing craft publication for writers who want to become masters of their art and engage their readers through storytelling techniques, believable characters, and settings that feel real. At Home Pro Writers gives writers all the tools they need to create.

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Aigner Loren Wilson

Aigner Loren Wilson

Helping writers tell better stories and sell their work. Work in Better Humans| The Writer| The Writing Cooperative. Follow to level up your writing.

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