6 Terrible Truths Being a Writer Teaches You About the Human Condition

Terrible Truths of the Human Condition by Aigner Loren Wilson cover image. A blue, yellow, and green background. The words ‘Terrible Truths of the Human Condition’ are written beside a picture of the author looking sullen out of a window. At the bottom it reads: By Aigner Loren Wilson. Truths of the Human Condition. What is the human condition? What being a writer teaches you. Truths of a writer. Writing and the Human Condition. What writing teaches you about the human condition.
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The Way of the Writer

The work of a writer is never done. For many of us, it’d be hard to say where it began. It seeps its way into every aspect of our lives in ways that you wouldn’t imagine. Talking with my non-writer friends about how I see and process events and information in the world vs talking to my writing friends and…



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