2019 Festival Schedule

Every panel and event you have to look forward to at Stareable Fest 2019

Keynote (TBA)

Filmmaker speed networking

Networking can be awkward, especially when it takes an hour to establish context for the people around you. We’ll help you cut out the small talk and get to the good stuff, matching you to fellow filmmakers to help you meet and find new collaborators.

The craft of shoe-string producing

Speakers: Jess Kasza (PBS), Stephanie Ouaknine (Carmilla, Shaftsbury), Otessa Ghadar (DC Webfest)

The challenges and strategies around being a short-form content producer without the budget of your longer-form peers.

Directing for episodic content

Speakers: Nick Borenstein (Topic.com), Ben Dobyns (Zombie Orpheus), Doron Max Hagay (Monica the web series, Comedy Central), Alex LeMay

A craft panel about directing for short-form episodic content, especially as it deviates from longer-form and one-off content.

Tips and tricks to make your production budget go further

Presenter: Kyle Trotter, Director of Creative Video Content at Shutterstock

Dream bigger. Your budgets may be small but your productions don’t have to be. From the latest tips and tools, Shutterstock shows you how to increase the scope and scale of your projects on a shoestring budget. Not only will we share game-changing techniques and assets, we will also show you how to monetize your idle content so that you can turn your passion into your profession.

Developing the perfect pilot

Speakers: Bernie Su (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved), Stephanie Ouaknine (Carmilla, Shaftsbury), Ben Dobyns (Zombie Orpheus), Susan Miller (Anyone But Me)

A pilot is the most complicated episode of a series- it has to simultaneously introduce the audience to the world and characters, but it also has to set a tone, tell its own compelling story, and hint at what to expect from the rest of the show. This panel will help you in developing the perfect short form pilot with advice from the creators of some of the best ones on the web.

90 Second Pitch Competition

Judges: Jose Acevedo (Director, Original Programming and Development at Comedy Central), Laura Turner Garrison (Executive Producer, Original Programming and Development at TruTV), and Chenoa Estrada (Manager, Avalon Entertainment)

Pre-selected finalists will get 90 seconds to pitch their show concept live to our panel of industry judges.

How to get paid as a woman

Speakers: Caroline Christopher (Head of Development and Creative, Verizon OATH), Akilah Hughes, Tina Nguyen (Head of Production, Vox)

We all know the numbers and that Hollywood continues to have a serious gender imbalance when it comes to pay. Hear from women who have addressed this issue in their own careers and get actionable advice on how to manage these conversations and demand what you financially deserve.

Are podcasts the place to be?

Speakers: Jake Hurwitz (Jake and Amir, Founder of Headgum), Bowen Yang (Las Culturistas), Marcia Belsky (Misandry With Marcia and Rae), Jordana Williams (The Message and Steal the Stars)

Top content creators, many who straddle the digital video and audio industries, discuss the future of independent content creation through the lens of podcasting.

How to develop nonfiction content for the web

Speakers: Adam Dylewski (PBS), Akilah Hughes, Alex LeMay, Emmet McDermott (Creator, 60 Second Docs)

While the future of fiction short-form content is constantly changing, digital non-fiction series are thriving. This panel will feature the producers and hosts of nonfiction series to discuss the development of a great real-world idea, the challenges and strategies in depicting real people and stories, crafting an entertaining narrative out of real life, and more.

Everything Can Be Easier: Using Stareable To Succeed

Presenter: Bri Castellini, Stareable’s Community Director

Learn what Stareable has to offer filmmakers at every level, and how to use those tools (including but not limited to our social media management feature and our monetization system) to find success for your series.

Stareable Fest 2019 Awards Ceremony

Presenting awards for best in show in each genre category as well as excellence in writing, acting, editing, cinematography, directing, and innovative new media elements.