Event Lineup

Panels, workshops, networking, and more


Friday night speed filmmaker networking

Networking can be awkward, especially when it takes an hour to establish context for the people around you. We’ll help you cut out the small talk and get to the good stuff, matching you to fellow filmmakers to help you meet and find new collaborators.

Saturday night pitch competition

Submit now to get a chance to pitch your show concept live to a panel of industry judges. Our first two announced judges are development executives at Comedy Central and PBS Digital!


Learning how to Pitch

Carl Foreman Jr. and Anthony Gaskins of IFC’s new show, Frank & Lamar, walk you through how you can refine your pitch so you can feel confident in your next meeting.

Crowdfunding for independence

Taught by Emily Best, the CEO of Seed&Spark. Learn: why audience building is essential for a film career (and crowdfunding); how to define, find, talk to, and grow your audience; how to prepare for a successful crowdfunding campaign (incl. goal, incentives, communication plan); why staged financing might be right for you; and why filmmakers who use Seed&Spark have a 87% chance of reaching their goal.

Marketing your show

Building an audience around your content

Getting paid to create


Strategy and Development at a Digital Studio

Understand how a digital executive evaluates content and talent in the context of strategy and development, focusing on things like understanding the potential audience, the economics of a show, the positioning required, and cost factors, and how to even get into the room in the first place. Featuring Brandon Arolfo, Senior Director of Content Development at PBS

The future of creator monetization

How to build a sustainable career online

Under-representation in Media — Women in Film

Featuring Talia Cohen of First Look

Under-representation in Media — People of Color

Carl Foreman Jr. and Anthony Gaskins of IFC’s new show, Frank & Lamar

Under-representation in Media — LGBTQ+

Making the leap — moving your career from indie to mainstream

Navigating the distribution landscape

More details soon to come

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