Stareable Fest 2018: Winners!

Congrats to all filmmakers!

Stareable Fest


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Best of Stareable Fest

The Feels

Best Comedy

Filth City

Best Short Form Comedy


Best Drama


Best Short Form Drama

The Feels

Best Documentary

Zombies Ztories

Best Foreign Language Series


Best Actor:

Alejandro Álvarez Cadilla (Off Kilter)

Nominees: Billy Bob Thompson (BLAST), Nils Hohenhövel (Stage Fright), Mehdi Meskar (WOKE), David Ebert (Temporary Guardian), Tim Manley (The Feels), Lance Nichols (Shepherd)

Best Actress

Gwenlyn Cumyn (BARBELLE)

Nominees: Jaya Beach-Robertson (PSUSY), Hope Shanthi (CUDDLE), Crosby Fitzgerald (Educated Fleas), Melanie Leishman (Kristal Clear), Brittany Tomkin (Myrtle & Willoughby), Jorja Hudson (Myrtle & Willoughby)

Best Ensemble Cast

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Nominees: Brooklynification, The Gamers: The Shadow Menace, Natural Selection, Too Late Baby

Best Directing


Nominees: Zombie Ztories, Restoration, Strowlers, THIS IS DESMONDO RAY!, Shepherd

Best Editing

Supa Supa

Nominees: Strowlers, Supa Supa, Blast, Gritzmore, Woke

Best Cinematography


Nominees: Temporary Guardian, Restoration, Strowlers, The Feels, Edgar Allen Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Best Writing

Myrtle & Willoughby

Nominees: Natural Selection, THIS IS DESMONDO RAY!, The Feels, Space Riders: Division Earth II, Off Kilter

Congratulations to all nominees and winners!

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The winners in attendance at Stareable Fest!



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