***Notice: As of September 17th, 2019 the lottery has been placed on hold. We plan to bring it back in the future when the value is more significant and with a revised drawing system. In the meantime, the 10% allocated for the lottery has been added to our base voter rewards.

Update: July 16th, 2019. Since we now have plenty of live data to base our rewards off of, we feel its appropriate to slightly raise our payouts as well as change our breakpoints. …

The Starfish Supernode team is proud to present ELAnodes.com, a website designed to track all prospective Elastos supernode candidates that have been featured by the Cyber Republic. We believe this website will provide Elastos enthusiasts with a single location to research and stay informed on potential supernode candidates.

The Starfish…

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Solving the consequences of a centralized web.

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