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Apr 13, 2019 · 2 min read
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The Starfish Supernode team is proud to present, a website designed to track all prospective Elastos supernode candidates that have been featured by the Cyber Republic. We believe this website will provide Elastos enthusiasts with a single location to research and stay informed on potential supernode candidates.

The Starfish team feels it is important that we restrict this list to candidates taking the election process seriously, so we encourage participants to introduce themselves through the Cyber Republic weekly updates prior to contacting us.

The website currently tracks a range of supernode information including: organization, server names, members, country locations, server configurations, voter incentive details, social links, alliance affiliations, and eventually registration addresses.

The list will be updated following each Cyber Republic supernode update, but we also have a submission form to allow supernode candidates to provide us with updates or corrections for active listings.

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An example supernode listing on

We want to keep the information as compact as possible, so if your supernode organization has detail descriptions regarding your server configuration or voter incentives, please provide us with an external resource to redirect to.

Going forward we plan to begin work on the next phase of our project, which will include a live list of the 12 active Cyber Republic DPoS supernodes and additional statistics regarding their status.

Thank you for reading,

The Starfish Supernode Team.

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