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Stark Net there are Letters from the Ecosystem #1

Hello everyone, first of all, we are here with the first article of StarkNet Planet and the first issue of the first.

Briefly, in this article, I will provide information about the important updates, news and projects of Starknet in the past days. enjoyable reading.

Here is the important news

  • The first launchpad of the Starknet network, ZkPad Announced!

ZkPad is currently searching for colleagues link .

  • Aave Protocol has started voting to release V3 on Starknet.

With this vote, the Aave3 Protocol will be integrated into the starknet network.

  • StarkNet publishes the Continue to the Next Challenge Article.
    Summary of important information
  • StarkSwap announced!
  • DopeWars announced its detailed roadmap.
  • 10K NFT Minted in Oasis NFT Market.
  • Briq announced Update 1.0.
  • Influence announced the Grant program for content developers.
  • JediSwap has added the Liquidity add feature for the TestNet Section and is now available on the TestNet.
  • Starknet’s first web3 DAO verification protocol has opened applications for zorro Test Net.

You need to join the discord servers that you will send to TestNet invitation.

We are keeping our series short for now, which we will publish once every 7 days, we will be here with updates and more information.



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Halil İbrahim Taşyürek

Halil İbrahim Taşyürek

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