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Announcing Starkswap

We are excited to announce the emergence of Starkswap from stealth mode. Our mission: build the next generation of DeFi powered by public ZK-Rollup technology.

What is Starkswap?

Our first DeFi product is an AMM built on StarkNet, the public ZK-Rollup. Because of the underlying infrastructure Starkswap is built on, users will enjoy lightning fast trading at significantly cheaper costs (initially gas-less) while still benefiting from the security of layer 1 Ethereum.

Who we are

The Starkswap team consists of crypto native developers and entrepreneurs with backgrounds at FAANG and top startups.

When will Starkswap launch?

Starkswap will be launching on the StarkNet planets alpha testnet in Q1 of 2022. Further details will be shared with the community.

Get in touch

Come hang out with us in Discord or Telegram to learn more about the project and to meet the community. Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news.



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