A Framework for Efficient STARKs

Combining probabilistic proofs and hash functions

Apr 17 ยท 12 min read

Our goal: scalable transparent arguments

Figure 1: Diagram of a STARK.

Roadmap for this post

Cryptographic proofs from PCPs, via the Micali construction

Figure 2: Diagram of a probabalistically checkable proof (PCP).
Figure 3: Diagram of the Micali construction, which uses a cryptographic hash function to securely pre-sample a PCP.

Transparency comes from the cryptography

Scalability comes from the probabilistic proof

IOPs: a new notion of probabilistic proof

Figure 4: Diagram of an interactive oracle proof (IOP). This notion extends the notion of a PCP (cf. Figure 2).

Prior posts describe an efficient IOP

Figure 5: Diagram of the IOP protocol described in prior posts.

Cryptographic proofs via the BCS construction



Developing the Full Proof Stack for STARK


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Developing the Full Proof Stack for STARK