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StarkDEX Deep Dive : Introduction

Part 1 of 4

Diving into StarkDEX Alpha

StarkDEX allows decentralized exchanges to scale by removing the limitation set by the cost of settling every transaction on-chain, as discussed in detail in our previous post.

Fig 1: the data flow — transactions become proofs

Main user flows

Figure 2: The money flow — how funds are moved around


STARK proofs enable inexpensive on-chain verification of complex operations that were performed off-chain. To maximize the gain from this mechanism, the StarkDEX system batches a large number of transactions into one proof. As the cost of verifying a STARK proof is almost independent of the batch size, this offers compelling economies of scale: the higher the throughput, the lower the gas cost of a single transaction, allowing nearly unlimited throughput, despite Ethereum’s gas limit.

  1. Deposit — moving funds from the on-chain deposit balance to the off-chain vault.
  2. Withdrawal — moving funds from the off-chain vault to the on-chain withdrawal balance.



Developing the Full Proof Stack for STARK

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