StarkNet Planets Alpha on Testnet

The First Step to a Permissionless ZK-Rollup

Jun 14, 2021 · 4 min read


  • StarkNet Planets Alpha — the first step on our road to Mainnet — is now live on Testnet!
  • StarkNet is a permissionless Turing-complete ZK-Rollup¹.
  • Developers can implement their business logic of choice in a smart contract and deploy it permissionlessly on StarkNet.
  • The state transitions of StarkNet are proven off-chain and then verified on-chain.
  • Much like Ethereum, users can interact directly with these smart contracts.


We announced the roadmap for StarkNet in Jan 2021. The Holy Grail of scalability solutions would support (i) arbitrary smart contracts, with (ii) composability, (iii) operated over a decentralized network. Today we announce the deployment on testnet of Step 1: StarkNet Planets Alpha. The Alpha system supports arbitrary smart contracts. Composability will be supported later this year, with decentralization to follow.

What’s in the StarkNet Planets Alpha?

Functionality: The Alpha allows developers to write and deploy StarkNet contracts for general computation. There is no whitelisting — any developer can write and deploy whatever contract they wish. Users can interact with these contracts, by sending transactions to them, and inspecting their state. All contracts exist in a single state². Updates to this state are proven off-chain, and verified on-chain — in the Alpha, verification is done on testnet.

Getting Your Feet Wet

Start out with our tutorial and documentation.

Next Steps for StarkNet

The key capabilities still missing in the Alpha will be rolled out starting in the coming weeks. These are:

  • On-chain data: publishing all storage changes on Ethereum.
  • Composability: allowing contracts to communicate with one another.

The StarkNet Ecosystem

We are very excited by the ecosystem that’s forming around StarkNet so we’ll pause to thank our collaborators thus far.


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