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The Unexpected Adventures Of Professor Chalkdust And Miss Curly • Gold Rush • Part 14

Red Letters

San Francisco, 1850. During the Gold Rush. • Photo: Public Domain

In Part 13, Miss Curly, Professor Chalkdust, and Paul returned to Wellingham’s time and met the wizard. They learned more about the spell on the encyclopedias and devised a new plan.

Start at the beginning:

They found themselves back in the cafe parking lot in 2018. They took Paul home and left him with the necessary volume of the encyclopedia. He promised to let him servants know he had returned and then to begin his wizard training.

The professor and Miss Lucy returned to the US and resumed their lives. One afternoon while Miss Lucy was visiting the professor, she opened up one of the remaining encyclopedias and began thumbing through it.

“Professor. Look at this. The letters of an entire entry have turned red.”

“Oh my.” The professor said and stared thoughtfully at the red entry for a few moments.

“Master Wellington said the encyclopedias would be linked. Perhaps we are seeing where Jenkins is going. There is only one thing to do.”

“You mean?”

“Precisely. We must follow Jenkins and see what his intentions are.”

“But I thought only one volume of the set could be used at a time to time-travel.”

“That is the theory. But it is night time in Paris. Paul will likely be asleep. And his volume will not be in use. If our experience in San Francisco is any indication, then we shall only be gone a second in the current time. The same should hold true for Paul when he travels. It would be almost impossible for them to be used at the same time.”

“Well then. Are you ready for another adventure?” Miss Curly asked.


[The End — For Now]