Patryk Mazur

Dan -John- Jordan
Feb 20 · 3 min read

Instagram: @patryk_mazur_tattoo
Studio: Different Dimension Tattoo Studio, Cardiff, Cf11 9DF

Patryk professionally started his tattooing career working at his first tattoo studio around 2009. Having always been into art, especially pencil drawing, tattooing was always going to be something within reach for Patryk.

Having drawn and sketched for a while Patryk’s skill was noticed by somebody who eventually taught him in tattooing.

I’ve been drawing for a while and one day someone seen my work, said I have a talent and he said that he wants me to work with him as an artist. That’s how I start learning of him. He wasn’t a professional artist but that was enough to catch a bug and start my journey with tattooing.

Tattoos and tattooing for me it’s addiction…, it’s like a drug.

Black and Grey, Realism, Neotraditional & Fine Lining

In my private opinion being original is the way to be … be yourself at first.

Overtime, Patryk has built up experience with doing different styles and trying new elements. As Patryk says, there can be influence from multiple areas in tattooing and body art, so to find your own style takes time. Patryk has taken on a lot of black and grey styles and he continues to do so using different elements based on his client and their desired tattoo.

I was doing mostly black and grey realistic tattoos, then I started discovering other things [styles] slowly. I love neotraditional style, I appreciate how clean and technically good it is.

Patryk has used black and grey in realism and more recently within neotraditional work too. With the use of clear and solid lines he can create a mixed style of the two forms to create a unique piece for his clients. Patryk aims to be interesting and different with every piece of work he does, adding new elements and trying new techniques.

Keep up with all of Patryk’s neotraditional and realism work by following his Instagram page.

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