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Sisters Madee and Abbi Hickman

“When Madee first got sick, all of the doctors that we initially saw were baffled because she was a normal healthy kid, and this illness came out of the blue,” her mom Sunee says. Madee continued to have stomach pains and lost nearly thirty pounds in a year. Her parents did everything that they could to figure out what the illness was. Finally, three years ago, they flew for extensive testing at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and she finally got her first diagnosis: POTS, short for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.

Madee’s sister Abbi, the founder of and CEO of Abbi’s Pins for Pets, had already started a non-profit to benefit her local animal shelter and decided to help the family pay for Madee’s medical bills as well as raise funds for POTS research.

“When Madee got sick, I decided to step away from the animal shelter and focus on her a bit more,” Abbi says.

They had success from the very beginning of their venture. They sold out at their first farmers market.

“It really helped us bond as a family,” Madee laughs. “Being together at events every weekend in California and Nevada in very close quarters makes us closer to each other.”

Sunee says that the business saved them all: “When you have someone that’s sick, it’s easy to leave someone out. The business was something that we could all do together and we can share all of the up’s and down’s together as a family.”

Although they began their first farmers market with home-baked goods for dogs, their most loved product is Tipsy Pooch, a dog treat made with recycled beer grain. “All of the alcohol is baked out, so they don’t get your dog drunk, but it is a fun name,” Madee explains.

Since Madee goes to the hospital every month for medical treatments in Denver, Colorado, she found a small family-owned brewery that was sympathetic to her plight and their families’ mission. The family takes the mashed grain from the brewery and personally delivers it to their manufacturer. Sunee says, “Our family is hands-on through every step of the way. ”

The next event that they are gearing up for is the Suzanne DeLaurentiis Pre-Oscar Event to benefit POTS Syndrome and Veterans on February 16th in Beverly Hills where Madee will be an awards recipient.

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Interview by: Giovannie Espiritu

Founder, HollywoodActorsWorkshop.com


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