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5 Underrated VS Code Extensions You’ll Love as a Data Engineer

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VS Code is one of my favorite tools, and with some well-chosen extensions, it becomes even more powerful. VS Code provides a lightweight, powerful and customizable work environment. This enables you to quickly find all the necessary features in it.

There is also a vast collection of extensions available for VS Code for all kinds of IT professionals.

The below list contains my favorites, which have helped me be more productive with VS Code. This list excludes the standard Python, Docker and GIT extensions and instead discusses extensions that supercharge them.

1. Pylance

Pylance uses Microsoft’s Pyright tool to bring rich type information to your Python IntelliSense experience. With this tool, you’ll be free to focus on writing better code instead of remembering the types for common functions — and you’ll love the performance boost it gives over Python-integrated solutions.

2. GitLens

GitLens helps to effortlessly explore the history and evolution of a codebase with Timelines, take a quick glance at who made a given change, why and when they did it, and get back to work faster by using powerful search capabilities.

3. Markdown Preview Enhanced

If you use Markdown for documentation, then Markdown Preview Enhanced is a must-have. It’s super powerful and even helps you visualize the Markdown files with live preview.

4. Indent Rainbow

Another underrated extension is Indent Rainbow. If you’re writing long Python code or YAML configuration files, losing track of indentation is a very common occurrence, leaving you having to scroll through the code to check indentation. Indent Rainbow makes it simpler with subtle color coding.

5. Code Spell Checker

It’s easy to avoid the embarrassment of finding a typo after committing a code if you have the Code Spell Checker extension added to your VS Code. This extension helps catch the obvious spelling errors which might be present in your code.

I’m confident that these extensions will go a long way toward making your time working with VS Code easier and more rewarding. I strongly suggest you give them a try — and if you do end up loving them, maybe let a colleague know too!

By the way, have you tried writing in your browser?

About the Author

Anjan Banerjee is the Field CTO of Starschema. He has extensive experience in building data orchestration pipelines, designing multiple cloud-native solutions and solving business-critical problems for multinational companies. Anjan applies the concept of infrastructure as code as a means to increase the speed, consistency, and accuracy of cloud deployments. Connect with Anjan on LinkedIn.





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