Track and Understand Tableau Dashboard Usage with a Free and Open-Source Extension

We are thrilled to announce that Tableau Usage Tracker, Starschema’s Tableau extension for measuring and understanding dashboard usage, is now free and open-source. To help you make the most of the software, we’ve put together a quick-start guide — read on to get tracking in no-time!

Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash
  • Track every click in Tableau: Track and analyze filter changes, filter states, window size, workbook ID, session time and more right within Tableau.
  • Pre-built Insights Dashboard: Understand behavior patterns using the built-in dashboard created by Starschema’s dataviz experts.
This demo dashboard will not connect to your data, but it’s an important point of reference that should give you understanding of how we envision Tableau Usage Tracker being used in the wild.