Tableau Conference 2018 Guide

Let’s jazz data up!

Laszlo Kovacs
Oct 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Jazz is no fun doing it alone, so let’s get together in New Orleans.

We have invited the best and brightest of our “data musicians” to create the festival of data at the birthplace of jazz. Sounds like music to your ears?

Tableau Conference 2018 has a mission. To bring fellow data fanatics and customers together, who understand the power in beautiful visualizations, and surprising revelations. Experience the fun, culture and creativity that the power of data can bring to you.

Do you want to know who is coming to the party?

There is no “data festival” without the Zen Masters.

Starschema’s Tamas Foldi, a Tableau Zen Master and white-hat hacker of Tableau Server. Tamas breaks Tableau Server so you don’t have to. His extensive knowledge of Tableau Server, and its APIs allow him to manipulate Tableau like no other person. Fortunately, he uses these skills to build, and share incredible tips for the Server admin community.

Chris DeMartini, who came to the Tableau community through his work in network graphing. Chris, an experienced Tableau Zen Master, has focused on incorporating dynamic aspects for his visualizations, as well as working with the Tableau JS API, often blogging about these techniques on DataBlick.

Among many of the great presentations, Tamas together with Chris will focus on providing you a session demonstrating several Tableau extensions, enabling advanced visualization techniques and capabilities like Write Back. Each extension will be demonstrated live, with a quick overview of the building process. Attendees will gain a better understanding of how to leverage the Extensions API within their own environment. Take this opportunity to be the one who brings new capabilities back to your team.

Breakout Session: Extending Tableau front and back

Have you heard about the Extensions API, but want to see it in action? Do you want your dashboard to stand out amongst a crowd? Need to directly connect your insights to action, in the same view? This session will show you how to do exactly that.

Date: October 23rd, 2018
Tamas Foldi, Starschema
Christopher DeMartini, Visa and DataBlick

Time: 2.15pm — 3.15 pm
Location: MCCNO-L2–291

Breakout Session: User Group — Tableau Administrators

Join us for the Tableau administrators user group at TC18;. This is an opportunity for you to connect with other Tableau administrators in the Tableau community. During this meeting, you’ll have the chance to share best practices, connect with others, and learn new approaches to Tableau.

Date: October 24th, 2018
Tamas Foldi, Starschema
Paul Erkson, Daimler Trucks North America
Mark Jackson, Piedmont Healthcare
Mark Wu, Apple
Paul Banoub, UBS Investment Bank

Time: 3.30pm — 4.30pm
Location: MCCNO — L2 — R01

Talking about beautiful visualizations, there can not be Tableau Conference without Starschema’s smart and beautiful Ivett Kovacs, who is your goto expert of Tableau. She thrives on the freedom and creativity that Tableau can provide. She believes that the Tableau community inspires her in a way like no other community would. While providing an invaluable help for her work, as well as bringing new friends into her life, she builds on making Tableau visualizations more and more beautiful, advanced, and interesting.

Breakout Session: You did WHAT with the extensions API!?

In this no-holds-barred, rapid-fire-demo-style session you will laugh, you will cry, and most of all you will be inspired by what is possible with the extensions API.

Tamas Foldi, Starschema
Ivett Kovacs, Starschema
Michael Kovner, Tableau
Chris Shin, Tableau

Session One:

Date: October 23rd, 2018
Time: 4.00pm — 5.00pm
Location: MCCNO — L2–204

Session Two:

Date: October 24th, 2018
Time: 3.30 pm — 4.30 pm
Location: MCCNO — L2–204

TC18 will empower you with the knowledge, experience and connections in the Tableau community that you can not find and build anywhere else.

So? Are you ready for the data jazz festival of the year?

Then, let’s get the party started.

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