Step by step fashion figure drawing

Merve Coşkan
Oct 5 · 3 min read

In this section, we will draw a 9-head long fashion design female figure illustration. The 9-head long fashion figure is the most ideal figure for artistic drawing. Fashion figures are more elegant and impressive than the real human anatomy.

Step 1

The head of the female fashion figure is extremely important. The figure look consists of repeating this head 9 times. Additionally, the 9 or 10 head figure drawing head is more oval and harsh-looking than the standard figure. But the head is more elegant than the male figure. Since all other proportions of the body will be based on this head length, the length from the top of the head to the chin must be in the first section.

Step 2

1/3 of the width of the head will be the neck. Below the neck are shoulders with a width of 2.5 heads.

Step 3

The figure will make a slight s-curve. For this, you can draw a line starting from the bottom of the neck that defines the fold. The waist will be where the 3. head size ends. Draw lines starting from the shoulders and narrowing towards the waist. The 4th head measurement of the figure will be where the hips are finished. From her waistline, draw lines that expand downwards. Follow the s-curve line while doing these.

Step 4

Knees will be where the 6th head measurement ends. The ankle of the figure’s front leg will also be where the 9th head measurement ends. Start at the hips. Define the legs in lines, following the S-curve.

Step 5

Elbows will be at the level of the 3rd head size. Elbows will be at the level of the 3rd head size. The wrist will be slightly below the hip line.

Step 6

Now let’s create the wall thicknesses using the auxiliary lines.

Step 7

The next step is to size the body with toning.

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