Demo Day 1/3

R Pooran Prasad
Jul 5, 2018 · 7 min read

On 4th July 2018, 63 companies presented 3 minute pitch. Below are the glimpses and brief about each company that presented.


Urban Insights is a smart public assistant that uses AI to capture data on the Internet of people expressing their opinions regarding urban issues. This data is transformed into insights that public managers can use to take better decisions and to understand citizens’ behavior, providing more participating urban governance.

Caos Tattoo

Caos Tattoo is a marketplace for professional and certified tattoo artists to promote their creations and for users to choose and book their tattoo design


BoxMed is an educational platform on mobile App for medical schools. BoxMed simulates a medical visit to the doctor with a virtual patient, applying progressive clinical symptoms, examination, and treatment, where professor evaluate student’s results of simulations. BoxMed provides virtual mechanisms for information gathering, clinical reasoning, and decisión making.


DICO is a personalized Korean learning service for Spanish Korean culture fans. We use K-pop and K-drama as a teaching material to arouse learners’ interest. We provide an original pedagogy optimized for learning practical expressions and words which are commonly used in daily life.


MicroMundo is a distributed microscopy platform that uses interactive tools accompanied by low cost microscopes, allowing to explore nature in a creative and versatile way. We provide multimedia tools to provide greater capacity for inquiry. Our product is the first virtual microscopy application as an educational tool with wide coverage.


Emergency Identification System that provides the identification data of each user throughout a unique and personal wearable device that contains the most relevant information such as the medical history, contact data or current location, among others. Emerid system is not an accessory but is part of the clothing or object.


MIRAI- 3D produces patient-specific 3D printed medical simulators for noninvasive surgery. We combine medical imaging with 3D printing and silicone based materials.

Escena Marketplace

Escena Marketplace it’s an online platform that connects theatres and artists around the world. Offers productions already premiered to be commercialized; loose elements of productions to commercialized; available venue spaces to hire and provides artists profiles. Giving easy access to quality and updated information on classical repertoire, services, and artists.

Press & Say

Press & Say is an affordable, customizable and patient-oriented communication system for people with speech disabilities. Designed by language specialist for children and adults, the system adapts easily and quickly to the needs of each patient. Includes live support from language specialists.

Fashion Kanvas

Fashion Kanvas a social networking platform for fashion creatives. We plan to revolutionize the fashion sector across the globe! Providing a platform that helps and engages fashion enthusiast to build upon their limited network.


Mobile app that improves communication between Deaf/Hard of Hearing who use Sign Language and Hearing People who don’t know how to Sign. It works using a cartoon character that translates the spoken or written message into Mexican Sign Language in a natural and enjoyable way.


Cocínalo offers 10 recipes every week, including 3 vegetarians, where the client can choose the ones he wants and the number of servings. Then, in just 1 business day we prepare the ingredients, we pack them and ship the box free of charge with respective detailed recipes step by step.

Sonic Drops

Neurotechnia is a company devoted to the improvement of wellbeing using sound and light technologies. Our first product, Sonic Drops, is a rest acceleration pod which uses sound, vibration, and light technologies to deliver a full-body experience to help the user feel well rested in just 20 minutes.

PopApp Resto

PopApp enhances customer service through technology at small and medium-sized local restaurants from Latin America. It provides them with tools that help them compete against big restaurant chains or franchises, so they have a better chance not only to survive but to thrive as a business.

Kawsa Health

At The Greatest Me we deliver to corporations, personalized health & wellness programs powered by a certified network of health coaches, using remote monitoring and analytics to reduce the risk for their employees to develop chronic diseases.


TuPase is a movie ticket subscription that allows you to enjoy the movies that you like, whenever and wherever you want, without any restriction. We want that everybody can go as much as they like to cinema and watch all the films they want.


TiNC is a web-based CMMS platform that offers clinical engineers a standardized work methodology and an automated KPI/Report engine, plus benchmarking information that can help key stakeholders make the right decisions about their medical equipment. With TiNC, you save time, money, human resources, and increase the productivity of your team.


Mesa helps restaurants attract more customers and fill tables that are usually empty with time-based discounts on food.

Triumf Gamification

mHealth platform that supports the goals of childhood chronic disease treatment. We combine game environment and validated psychological theories for children to monitor and support mental well-being in a personalized manner through machine learning and offer a dashboard for doctors for better teamwork and integration.

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