ask. dinner in San Francisco

This was our first dinner in San Francisco.

It is a simple idea:

What if everything started with a question? What if a moderator helped everyone share their best stories?

There’s something magical about turning off your phone, bringing together great people and having a moderator who brings out personal stories over dinner. It’s an intense night of vulnerabilities, laughter, and new friendships.

the photos

the people

Moderator: Andrew Warner @andrewwarner — Founder Mixergy

  1. Robert Stephens — Founder of GeekSquad @rstephens
  2. Nir Eyal- 2 Time Founder, Design Speaker @nireyal
  3. Mike Walsh- Investor in Salesforce, Uber @mwalsh
  4. Ian Hunter- Founder Zaarly @ianhunter
  5. Galen Avery- Apple @Galen
  6. Arjun Dev Arora — CEO of Retargeter @arjundarora
  7. Heather Scott — CEO of Purple Plant Smoothies @scottheather
  8. Grant Imahara — Host of Mythbusters @grantimahara
  9. Sara Lannin — Investor at Accel @slannin
  10. Shane Mac- Product at Zaarly @shanemac
  11. Bre Lambert- Director at Zaarly @brelambert

An experience from ask. To host your own ask. dinner, download the playbook here.

CEO @Assist. Curious.

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