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ask. dinner in San Francisco 2015

It is a simple idea:

What if everything started with a question? What if a moderator helped everyone share their best stories?

There’s something magical about turning off your phone, bringing together great people and having a moderator who brings out personal stories over dinner. It’s an intense night of vulnerabilities, laughter, and new friendships.

Ben Flajnik, Andrew Warner and Amanda Bradford.
Shane Mac, Julien Smith and Sashka Rothchild.
Catherine Spence, Julien Smith and Ian Hunter.
Nir and Julie Eyal, Chase Jarvis and David Marquet.
Galen Buckwalter and Steve Huffman.

Thanks everyone for coming.

Moderator: Andrew Warner — @andrewwarner — Founder Mixergy

Hosts: Julie Li & Nir Eyal

  1. David Marquet — Author Turn the Ship Around, Former Head of a Navy Submarine
  2. Galen Buckwalter — Founded eHarmony, Founder
  3. Chase Jarvis — CEO Creative Live, World renowned photographer
  4. Ben Flajnik — CEO The Gentlemen, Founder Fernet Francisco, Former Bachelor on ABC
  5. Julien Smith — CEO Breather, NYTimes Best-Selling Author Trust Agents
  6. Steve Huffman — Founder of Reddit & Hipmunk (couldn’t find his Twitter ;)
  7. Amanda Bradford — CEO The League
  8. Ian Hunter — CTO Buzzstarter, CTO Fernet Francisco
  9. Shane Mac — CEO Assist
  10. Sashka Rothchild — CEO Standby
  11. Catherine Spence — Founder of Pomello

An experience from ask. To host your own ask. dinner, download the playbook here.




If we can make the world more curious, could everything be better?

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Shane Mac

Shane Mac

CEO @Assist. Curious.

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