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Campaign Manager 360 User Audit Solution

Given the number of organizations, creative providers, ad operations teams, and account managers involved in trafficking, an audit of which users have access to what is inevitable in the lifecycle of an account. To make the process easier and more comprehensive, gTech has created the CM User Auditor (aka Project Barnacle).

Screenshot of CM User Auditor.

Running The Solution

To run the solution, you will need access to a CM360 Account via Service or User Credentials, an instance of BigQuery, access to DataStudio, as well as one or more CM Network Identifiers. All audits are performed at the network level with the user performing the audit having the correct permissions to do so.

CM User Audit recipe in StarThinker UI.

Quick Deployment

The fastest way would runt his solution is the Collaboratory Notebook. Click here to launch the DV360 User Auditor and follow on screen instructions.

Technical Information

Based on the public CM360 API, the solution is deployed via StarThinker, using BigQuery and DataStudio. Deployments include: Python/Pip, Collaboratory, Composer, and AppEngine Multi Tenant UI. Before accessing the CM360 User Audit Sample Dashboard, please join the StarThinker Assets Group.

Extending The Solution

Once copied the DataStudio dashboard can be fully edited and customized. For more advanced customization, the solution also creates a BigQuery dataset that can be extended with additional tables and views.

In addition StarThinker contains an email module, which can be combined with the this solution to email alerts. Coding instructions are provided in the StarThinker tutorial.

Suggested Companion Solutions

The CM360 Bulk User Editor is designed to work in tandem with this audit solution, use it to make changes to users, roles, and permissions.

In addition the CM360 Log Audit intelligently downloads all changes to the system and maintains a BigQuery table of changes.



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