How a Rude Habit Can Melt Away Fat

[apologies for the headline, i’ve been reading a book on copywriting sales letters, and it’s starting to rub off.]

I sometimes do podcasts with a friend, he goes by Joel (pronounced: Yo-ell. Like Noel, but with Yo). He was telling me the other day that his doctor told him he was fat. This is a guy that avoids processed sugars and carbs, but enjoys large portions of fruits and vegetables. Apparently, he’s 20 lbs overweight.

So am I, actually — so take what I say with a grain of salt. Or, actually, don’t — sodium can kill you.

Back to the story: Joel’s doctor showed him a chart of authorized foods and portions.

The foods were the standard ones we all know about and the portions were, well, small.

Joel and I both struggle with portion sizes. I think a lot of people do: if something tastes good, why not stuff it in your face until it’s gone?

This always gets me back to the idea of self-control.

I hate the idea of self-control.

I don’t want to control things. I want to enjoy them.

But I also want to be fit.

And the two don’t seem to go together.

But, I really don’t want to force myself to be disciplined. It doesn’t seem fun to me.

I’m going to work on this. I’m going to figure out a better way to avoid destructive escapism and indulgence and still enjoy life and not feel like I’m forcing myself to live or be a certain way.

I think it has something to do with enjoyment and mindfulness. Be aware of how great the food is. And plan on throwing it away. In fact, make it fun to throw away half your food.


Throw it away.

Seems wasteful, doesn’t it?

But it’s not. The waste happens the moment the portion is on your plate.

In fact, it might happen as soon as the food is prepared — because the food is destined to become either energy or waste.

That’s it.

And much of it will become waste.

It will become waste either way, so why not enjoy throwing away half your food as a game instead of letting it add to your gut?

The solution to reducing waste isn’t to expand your waist.

If you want a few ideas on waste reduction, look here:

In the meantime, give the Clean Plate Club your notice that from now on, you’re only eating half the banana.