you have things you need to do. but you know if you do them, there will just be more things to do.

but let me drop some truth on you.

the new ones are better than the old ones because the old ones get stagnant and gross.

i know, they’re comfortable. but move on.

if you’re not going to complete a task, either scratch it off your list, or put it into Trello for future reference.

Trello is an excellent holding cell for tasks that are hard to categorize.

i think there’s a feeling that we are more productive than we really are.

we stir the pot, and it feels like we’re doing something. we write lists. we plan. we schedule meetings. we sit through meetings. we talk about all the things we’ll do.

but when it comes down to the actual doing of them, something happens. something gets lost.

but what if it were different. what if you could really choose one or two things you really wanted to accomplish that day and you devoted all your attention to those two things?

you’d certainly feel less efficient.

and, you’d run the risk of still having something you’re not entirely proud of.

but what if you chose one thing to start and one thing to finish each day? wouldn’t that be great? and you wouldn’t stop til you finished the one thing. even if it’s not very good. even if it doesn’t feel finished.

you can always go back and work on it again.

you can always go back and paint it again and again and again.

and what if you took a month to go deep on one thing. on one article. on one story. if that was all you focused on for one month. or one year. or one day.

we rob ourselves by dividing our attentions so much.

it’s reality, i guess.

there are so many things we can do and so many angles at which we want to view our lives, our accomplishments, and our identities, that it makes it difficult to focus on just one thing. we are afraid of pigeon-holing ourselves. but what we end up doing is becoming nothing. average. mediocre. and all those things we want to do, well, we never complete any of them. options are great until they keep you from the kind of commitment that leads to accomplishment. and you can’t get anywhere unless you choose one path and walk.

potential, possibility, day dreaming and fantasy become escape and rob us of actual experience, contribution, connection and accomplishment.

maybe it’s possible to plan a day for one thing. take a vacation from everything else, and focus on the one thing for just one day. can you get away for a day?

will you tell me all about it after you do?

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