Dolly Castro’s Modeling Career

Dolly Castro is hosted her first Live Talk Show on September 23rd and spoke all about her career, fitness, and health. She is originally from Nicaragua, and came to the United States to pursue her modeling career on a larger scale. Her dad influenced her to study to become a lawyer during her early career. After 9 months of studying, she decided to change her career into something she loved more. Bettering herself and the world around her.

She switched her career up to focus on creating fame through Instagram.It was not long before she was recognized for her natural curves and beauty. She currently has 4.5 million followers on Instagram and is very connected because 80% of her earnings are linked to her social media accounts.

Dolly Castro has created her own brand named “Bars and Branches” which sells swimwear, men’s clothes, and fitness equipment. She frequently posts her workouts on Instagram and her Youtube channel. There are so many questions for you fans to ask tomorrow! Check her social media accounts out and come prepared to dive into her life! September 23rd 6:00 pm PST! Download the StarTime app to watch replays of all her session. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get notified of her future StarTime sessions!

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