We work at WeWork

We moved into our office at WeWork last Monday. It’s awesome. No complaints so far. The coffee is good, the beer is cold, and the bathroom is clean.

Our small office is spacious enough for our needs. They provided desks, chairs, lighting, and filing cabinets. We ordered some monitors and brought our laptops but besides that it was ready to go. The walls are all windows but they double as whiteboards; they are etched to a height so that when you are sitting you can’t see the offices next to you, but when you stand they are clear windows.

The crowd seems to be working hard and it’s very diverse. Some of the cooler companies we’ve noticed include a vodka company, a dressmaker and a beef jerky brand. There are also a bunch of people working on tech startups. It’s crazy to see how many companies are being started in such a small space and it’s really inspiring.

WeWork’s technology is really good, which is awesome. They have an app that lets us register a guest, book a conference room (at any of their locations), and contact any other company (they have over 20,000 members at 25 locations worldwide). When your visitor arrives you get a text message and when you get a package you get an email. They’ve also already had a few lunches and tech talks; but we haven’t attended any yet.

That’s our love letter to WeWork. Here’s our referral link ;)

We had a productive week in the new spot. We chose React + Backbone as our javascript framework. As a first exercise, we rewrote our homepage in React. We were running into issues on mobile and decided to simplify the page and get rid of the console. While we were at it, we scrapped our aqua/gray logo and went with a more lively green. We designed our forms and built our sign up and log in forms. So far, we love working with React.

Wow. It’s only been two weeks. Designing our logo feels like months ago.

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