Getting started in the Digital world

As I’m pretty sure most of you are aware, in the last 10 years the digital world has evolved massively. If I’d have said to my teachers at school that I wanted to be a blogger, they’d have probably advised that I go and get my head checked, or at least chosen a more wise career. I’d dabbled in coding but I never really thought I was good enough to have a career in it, plus I didn’t really know anyone that was going down that route. Social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Blogger etc. didn’t exist when I was at school. The most we had was MySpace, and not for one minute did I think MySpace could’ve given me a career.

I wanted to share my story because I’m extremely lucky to work for a great company in a fab job, and I hope that I can help others to do the same. I actually love going to work, it doesn’t feel like a chore and I’m never unhappy to be there. Being happy in your job is one of the best feelings there is. We spend so much of our lives at work, so we might as well enjoy ourselves while we’re there!

In my current job I get to work in lots of different parts of Digital and I learn something new every day. I work in B2B (the business to business area) and my current role is B2B Email Executive (although it involves so much more). I send creative emails to all of our database, write content for our Digital platforms, play on Photoshop, do some coding, create and publish content for our social channels and attend events. I love it!

Plus, everything that I’ve learnt — I’ve learnt on the job. I didn’t go to university because I didn’t know what I wanted to do at that time. But through self-learn, asking questions, taking on new things and working with amazing people I’ve gained a whole load of digital knowledge. I’m always asking questions and wanting to take on more responsibility… It’ll always be worth it in the long run.

It’s also important to have a passion; for me it would be writing. I sometimes read articles from amazing people and wish that I could write as well as they do, and it gives me a massive kick up the butt because I’m determined to be as good as them. I developed more of a passion for writing since starting my blog. I was working in Sales at the time, for a beauty company, and I found myself so passionate about the products and wanted to start talking to people about them. So I started a blog and it just went from there. I was soon asked to work for companies like The Met Office and attend regular blogger events. I also still get to blog at my current work place about my fave beauty products! It’s the dream!

Here’s a few tips if you’re looking to get into the Digital world…

  1. If you haven’t got a degree, don’t worry. I didn’t go to university because at that time in my life I didn’t know what I wanted to do. For me, personally, experience is the best thing you can learn. Get as much experience as possible and keep spreading your wings. You’ll soon learn what you’re better at and what you enjoy more.
  2. Do as much extra activity in your spare time as you can. As soon as I knew I wanted to write I started a blog. This way I could prove to people I was interested, and they could decide for themselves whether they liked my writing. It doesn’t matter what you write about (ok, so maybe try keep it clean) but I was writing about things from random TV shows to posts about why my boyfriend is giving me wrinkles. As long as you show passion and commitment, it’ll back you up.
  3. Do some research. Whether you want to write content, create a website, practice coding or edit pictures on Photoshop, do some research that’ll help improve your skill set. You could watch YouTube videos on the topic or even starting a YouTube channel yourself — every little helps and it’ll just widen your knowledge.
  4. Work on getting some volunteering. Experience is important in helping to build your career and volunteering is a great way to get started. I helped out with my Dad’s carpet business by running his Twitter and Facebook, but there are all sorts of digital volunteering opportunities available. Check out Vinspired — a brilliant website full of volunteering ideas and opportunities!
  5. Remember social media. Social is such a powerful tool. I’ve been given so many fab blogging opportunities through Twitter. Whether you just tweet someone to let them know you loved their article, or whether it’s to promote your blog or work, keep going and you will get noticed.
  6. Give yourself a bit of a break. Being involved in the Digital World is fab, but don’t forget about things outside of that world. Get away from your phone, iPad, TV, social media etc. now and then. I make sure I do gym classes at least 4/5 times a week (You don’t need to be as extreme as me)— it reminds me there’s life outside of laptops ;) Then when you do come back to it, you’ll feel more refreshed.

I hope these have been helpful, please do just let me know if there’s anything else I can help with! I’m at @chanellelouiseb on Twitter and you can visit my blog over at


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