Learning from California’s Data Breaches

Trends found within every CA breach notification in 2017.

Ryan McGeehan
Dec 22, 2017 · 5 min read

How this data was analyzed:

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Incident Categories in 2017 CA Data Breach Notifications

A single vendor created an entire category. (18%)

“Account Takeover” (ATO) for IT apps and consumer websites. (14.5%)

eCommerce websites with hijacked “Checkout” processing. (12.5%)

There was a trend in targeting small tax preparation shops. (9.5%)

Attackers that leveraged remote access to a victim’s network. (8.5%)

Adversaries intercepting payment information from swipe. (8.5%)

Employee email compromises were frequently cited. (8.5%)

Inadvertent attachments on emails or incorrect recipient. (7.5%)

Theft or lost devices and hardware. (6.5%)

Ransomware hitting networked file systems and databases. (5%)

Security researchers were notably present in notifications. (3%)

Applications with bugs that produced the wrong information. (2%)

OK, so now what?

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