Starting with SoundHelix -2 -What is it?

SoundHelix is a software package for creating MIDI arrangements with automatic variation. There are a number of auto-composition or auto-arrangement packages around, some free and some paid. I have used Jammer before, which has a composition feature for putting a musical band style to a base set of chords, but my version is old and won’t run on Win 7. Jammer has a nice GUI, but remains awkward to wring the best from.

SoundHelix is:

  • MIDI only — you will need a MIDI synth in hardware or software to hear the output
  • Written in Java. You don’t need Java skills, but will need Java installed on your computer
  • Programmed in text forms. Your arrangement exists in an XML file.
  • Runs in a console window. There are a few controls you can apply while it runs, but no GUI or eye candy
  • Not a normal installed package in Windows, you just download it and run the Java application

None of the above should put off a moderately savvy user of computers. It’s actually using it that might :)