Dialogue Hub: Advancing Digital Health Outcomes in Community Care Organizations

HIMSS22 Conference Session Summary

This article is part of an extended series summarizing discussions at recent healthcare conferences about improving health equity through technology. This session summary contains details on the HIMSS22 Conference. You can read our conference overview and find links to all articles here.

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Dialogue Hub: Advancing Digital Health Outcomes in Community Care Organizations


57% of the world’s population is online — that’s 4.3 billion people! Yet health care systems continue to rely on “in person” care delivery, with limited capacity to deliver digitally enabled care. The goal of HIMSS newest maturity model, the Community Care Outcomes Maturity Model (C-COMM), is to help advance and support digital maturity across all health organizations, globally, recognizing the value of digital transformation across the entire journey of care in every health system. Join Natasha Ramontal to learn about the market need for C-COMM, the methodology behind the model and how it helps to advance and strengthen health outcomes across community health organizations throughout the life course.


Key Points by Geography


  • Community care has lost momentum coming out of the pandemic because so much COVID care was directed to hospitals.
  • There is the potential — and momentum is growing — for building the infrastructure for providing care in the community.
  • Connectivity across the journey of care is an opportunity for digital transformation.
  • Particularly in Asia, patient engagement has not been at the forefront. There are varying levels of health literacy and understanding of health. These combined can create even greater inequities and patients do not receive the healthcare experience that they are looking for.
  • It’s a question of agency. In some cultures and countries, there is low agency, so patients aren’t going to take as much control of their own health because they are looking to professionals for direction.
  • With new technology tools, we can go into communities in ways that we weren’t previously able.


  • In Europe, people have to go to primary care before going to the hospital.
  • We are looking at ways to use technology to move clinical care from hospitals to the community, especially so the aging population can get care at home.
  • Everyone is talking about continuum of care. How can we start engaging programs and initiatives that include social determinants of health (which can determine up to 80% of health outcomes)?
  • Governments are trying to restructure service delivery from hospitals to the community.

North America

  • We need a roadmap for how to help patient citizens navigate their healthcare.
  • There’s a dramatic shift to technology for everything, not just in healthcare. COVID brought about expectations from consumers to have healthcare access be just as seamless as it is in the rest of their daily lives.
  • Technology impacts ages and cultures differently. Baby Boomers tend to be more reactive, with episodic healthcare. Millennials desire transparency, they are more connected, and they learn completely differently.
  • The continuum of digital in healthcare means that one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Community agencies don’t have IT budgets and resources or staff to access these new technologies. This lack of resources is often a major barrier to reaching underserved communities since technology is usually a catalyst to enable better access to care. Technology must be designed to remove friction.
  • Clinicians are often not trained in Person-Enabled Health. Patients need to be included as part of the care team to build trust in the system and the technology.

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