Health + Equity + Tech at the HIMSS22 Conference

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference

This article is part of an extended series summarizing discussions at recent healthcare conferences about improving health equity through technology. You can read our conference overview and find links to all articles here.

Jump Ahead:

This year, StartingUpGood is focusing on small organizations (emphasis on women and people of color led) who are implementing fresh, entrepreneurial approaches to designing and implementing technology tools to improve everyone’s health, regardless of income.

We advocate for user-friendly technology and scalable investments in community-driven health solutions.

Learn more about StartingUpGood’s Health + Equity + Tech Project.

About HIMSS 2022

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is “a global advisor, thought leader and member-based society committed to reforming the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.”

HIMSS held its annual conference in Orlando in March 2022. Complimentary to the in-person event is HIMMS22 Digital, which provides over 30 hours of on-demand content featuring more than 100 speakers.

Virtual ticket holders (payment required) have digital access to recorded conference content. We hope conference organizers will make this valuable content available to the broader community for free soon. In the meantime, here are some overviews from our favorite conversations.

Session Overviews

You can read a summary of all our 2022 healthcare conference coverage here, or check out specific coverage of each conference:

StartingUpGood supports fresh entrepreneurial approaches to doing good in the world. Check us out on Twitter: StartingUpGood

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