Impact Investing’s Role in Achieving the SDGs

Collective action is needed to achieve the aggressive targets set forth through the SDGs in just 15 years. Impact Investing represents untapped financial resources that can help make these goals a reality.

Global asset managers controlled nearly $70 trillion as of the end of 2015 according to the Boston Consulting Group. What if just a fraction of these funds were dedicated to advancing the SDGs?

This is why impact investment leaders like the Global Impact Investing Network (the GIIN) are actively encouraging impact investments that align with the SDGs.

The GIIN profiled a variety of impact investors in their Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Impact Investing report to better understand how they are approaching the SDGs and how this growing community can collectively drive results.

Some benefits for using the SDGs as a framework for your impact investing include:

  1. Streamlined communications to stakeholders that simplify and articulate the relationship between investments and impact goals.
  2. SDG alignment has helped impact investors refocus and re-energize their existing activities toward more precisely defined goals.
  3. Investors not yet engaged in impact investing see alignment with the SDGs as a simple and attractive entry point, bringing new capital to the movement.

For more insight and ideas, read the entire report here: