Didn’t go to the 2016 SOCAP Conference? Here’s your essential ten minute overview.

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2 min readSep 26, 2016


Over two thousand people gathered in San Francisco to talk about impact investment, social entrepreneurship and impact measurement — pretty much all things “Social Capital,” as the conference name implies.

If you weren’t able to attend and don’t have the time to watch the numerous session recordings available online, here are the SOCAP recaps we like best.

  1. Impact Alpha

Impact Alpha succinctly links the Sustainable Development Goals (or Global Goals), the influence of Millennials and the evolution of impact investing in their conference overview.

2. Case Foundation

The Case Foundation points out the shift from Impact Investing as an “emerging field” to a “growing industry”, and addresses the need for equal access to capital for all entrepreneurs.

3. NextBillion

NextBillion’s Senior Editor focuses on the inherent conflicts between money and meaning— apparently not resolved but uniquely addressed at SOCAP.

4. NEO Law Group

This quick read from a Nonprofit Law blog gives an excellent high-level overview of the entire conference.

5. Huffington Post

A journalist’s perspective, this Huffington Post contributor reflects on how his eye-opening experience at SOCAP 2016 caused him to reflect on “my own assumptions and reflexes about money, economics, and finance, and to re-interrogate my vision of a better world in new ways and reintegrate that into my daily life.”

Even over a week after the conference’s close, new recaps are being posted daily. Continue to follow the conversation at #SOCAP16.



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