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3 min readApr 2, 2020


Some Curated Sources of Good Information

It is early in the COVID-19 cycle but already, we’re beginning to see blog posts, articles, reports, news compilations, initial thoughts and forecasts.

Though we are not yet seeing enough patterns to understand trends or make predictions, our scans show that most key players are paying attention and beginning the long arc repositioning and restrategizing that this crisis will require.

In the longer run we at StartingUpGood will be paying special attention to what’s happening in the startup social impact investing space.

But for today, here are some general sources of COVID-19 information for startups that we’re finding useful

TechCrunch has a comprehensive COVID-19 regularly updated site including sections on: News, Startups, Science, Public Markets, and Good.

SOCAP has a curated list of articles and resources for social enterprises / startups.

PitchBook has a continually updated COVID-19 curated site with emphasis on investment.

PitchBook also has a just published analytic report, available for free, on US VC prospects for startups in the time of COVID-19.

CBInsights looks at the prospects for seed investment in startups.

There are lots of blog posts and articles about the opportunities for startups in certain sectors during this time.

And advice to VCs about how to value a startup in a downturn.

Curated articles with advice to startups on operational tactics.

Geekwire has info on the US government bill and its implications for startups.



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