Startups & COVID-19: Curated Resources Part 3

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3 min readApr 23, 2020


Written by Connette Blake

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As part of our continuing coverage, StartingUpGood is scanning the web for the best resources for startups amid COVID-19. This is our third installment of curated resources. See our previous articles here and here.

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First Round Review has curated advice from business leaders and investors who have been-there-done-that. While admitting that we are living in unprecedented times and the path of every startup is unique, this guide highlights tactics that have proven to be successful in the past.

Questions addressed include:

  • How do we approach planning given COVID-19?
  • What signals should we be watching before pulling the trigger on alternative spending plans?
  • How will the bar for fundraising be different in 18–24 months compared to now?
  • Are there any alternatives to a RIF while still decreasing burn?
  • How do we market during these times?

The Unreasonable Group has created a “dedicated hub to share some of the most useful resources that our team has encountered for navigating work, life, and business during this crisis.” Topic covered include Funding, Insights, Wellness, Remote Work, and how Unreasonable Fellows are taking action.

Business Fights Poverty, in partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School Corporate Responsibility Initiative, has created a response center. Featured here is a Response Framework for how companies and civic organizations can “respond to the immediate crisis and develop plans for longer-term recovery and resilience”. While not specifically targeting startups, this framework outlines how businesses can protect the most vulnerable stakeholders in their operations.

The site also includes an Action Mapping Tool with over 200 examples of business action across sectors and countries as well as links to a variety of virtual events and podcasts.

For ideas on what other startups are doing for COVID-19 relief efforts, CrunchBase is compiling a running list.

Octopus Ventures’ How-To guide gives entrepreneurs and investors some quick, practical tips for conducting a remote pitch.

TripplePundit’s recent article is not specific to startups but offers good advice that entrepreneurs can implement.


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