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3 min readApr 14, 2020

Written by Brady Press

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused society to adapt to a new normal of social isolation, thus forcing adjustments, creativity and flexibility to ensure we are as productive as possible during this unprecedented time. The world of impact investing is no exception. Although some events and conferences have been cancelled, many are switching to virtual formats. A silver lining? Events you may not have been able to attend in person will now be accessible online.

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We have gathered a list of upcoming impact investing and/or corporate citizenship events taking place virtually from April to June of this year.

Events to Look Out For

Global Impact Capitalism Summit (ICS)

April 21, 2020; 10 am — 5 pm EST

At this free Big Path Capital event, world leaders in impact will discuss and chart impact investing’s new role in the age of COVID-19. ICS is the “longest series of convenings for investors focused on maximizing impact and maximizing return.” However, this event is only for family offices, foundations, institutional investors, wealth advisors and/or asset managers, and registration must be approved by the event organizers.

ONE WORLD Virtual Impact Summit 2020

April 30, 2020; 9.30 am — 3.30 pm PDT

Designed for “social entrepreneurs, angel, impact and institutional investors, fund and foundation managers, and the impact-curious”, this 6th annual event features morning roundtables targeted to fund managers, startup CEOs and angel investors; social entrepreneur presentations and judges feedback; and breakout sessions by industry.

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Mission Investors Exchange (MIE) 2020 National Conference — Amplifying Impact

May 7–22, 2020; time TBD

Open to all, this virtual conference offers “ an action-focused and collaborative space for foundations to build partnerships, experience on-the-ground impact investments, and more​.” Its agenda is switching gears to focus on how MIE and the impact investing space can positively contribute to COVID-19 response. It will feature a variety of speakers with diverse expertise in impact investing in philanthropy.

JLens: 2nd Jewish Impact Investing Summit

May 18–19, 2020; 12–4 pm EST both days

JLens is hosting its second Summit at which “stewards of Jewish communal capital will learn how to engage more deeply in impact investing.” The event is focused specifically on the Jewish community and is building off the first Summit to cover how organizations can execute strategic impact investments.

Engage for Good Awaken Impact 2020 Virtual Conference

May 28, 2020; time TBD

Many of the details for this event have yet to be released, but Engage for Good’s annual conference is most widely known for its announcement of the winners of the HALO Awards, which highlight the most noteworthy corporate social initiatives of the past year. This is event is geared toward companies, nonprofit organizations, and social impact consultants.

AVPN Virtual Conference 2020 — The Power of Networks

June 8–12, 2020; time TBD

Originally taking place in Singapore, AVPN’s conference is going virtual. It will feature five days of programming and networking opportunities, and will empower “influential thought leaders and expert practitioners [to] assess the fast-changing social investment landscape and move crucial capital towards impact.” Ticket prices range from $200–400 for non-members.

Know of More Events?

If you know of any virtual impact investing events that we didn’t capture here, let us know! Follow our Twitter @StartingUpGood and Tweet at us with your recommendation.

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Brady Press is an Associate Director at Changing Our World, where she specializes in building strategic corporate citizenship programs. She is a consultant to SDGCounting and StartingUpGood, and is currently researching how COVID-19 is affecting the Sustainable Development Goals.



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