Visionary Keynote: The Future of Patient Experience & Innovative Experience Design in Healthcare

HIMSS22 Conference Session Summary

This article is part of an extended series summarizing discussions at recent healthcare conferences about improving health equity through technology. This session summary contains details on the HIMSS22 Conference. You can read our conference overview and find links to all articles here.

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Visionary Keynote: The Future of Patient Experience & Innovative Experience Design in Healthcare


Human beings crave special experiences. Yet, as patients, we tolerate mediocrity. In a world disrupted by a global pandemic, the one thing that won’t cancel, moving forward, is tolerance for mediocrity in any form. People have awakened to the vulnerability of disruption and expect experiences to be nothing less than convenient, efficient, and intuitive. Make no mistake, CX is the next competitive battleground for health providers. Innovation in patient experience will not only help set you apart, but also push healthcare forward by delivering new value and setting new standards for experience along the way.


Brian Solis, Digital Anthropologist, Futurist and Author

Key Points

COVID-19 Impact

  • We can think of Covid-19 as a giant CTRL-ALT-DELETE.

Developing Technology / Innovation

  • Healthcare innovation should come from other sectors. We can learn a lot from the things that other sectors are doing, and where they’ve faltered.
  • What is iteration verses innovation? Iteration is doing the same things better. Innovation is doing new things that create new value. Disruption comes from doing the new things that make the old things obsolete.
  • Do we invest in innovation and iteration or do we let somewhere else disrupt us?
  • The four pillars for change are: 1) Innovation 2)Empathy 3) Spatial / Experiential Design and 4) Culture.

Person-Centric Healthcare

  • It’s important to look at providing healthcare from a customer experience point of view.
  • “ROE” is Return on Experience. We tend to measure things based on past experiences. This is iteration. We have to break out of this mindset for innovation.

Access to Care

  • People are going to spend more time online in the future, rather than less. They are going to expect healthcare to be quicker and more accessible because that’s what they are experiencing in the rest of their daily lives.

Importance of Building Trust

  • We should experience the innovation that customers didn’t know they could have, but that they want. These are “ignite moments”.
  • Every time we touch or could touch a patient is a chance to build trust and build the relationship.

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