Your Support System for Social Impact

There’s no need to go at it alone or recreate the wheel.

These groups provide resources and support to founders who want to make social and environmental impact a priority in their startups.They can also introduce you to a network of like-minded business leaders to learn from and best practices to immolate.

  • Pledge 1% invites entrepreneurs to commit one percent of their product, equity, and time to supporting philanthropy
  • B Lab gives companies a certification after meeting specific social impact requirements, and higher standards of accountability and transparency. There are already thousands of other participating companies. You can start by taking the B Lab survey, which will help you think about how your startup should approach social impact and responsibility, and how you’d earn certification in the future as you grow.
  • Founders Pledge encourages entrepreneurs to donate 2% of their personal earnings to a social cause of their choice after an exit. Joining the list may benefit your company profile, and speaks to your overall philosophy about social impact and giving.
  • Social Venture Network offers opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors to come together, share ideas, and work with each other in supporting high social-impact ventures. To gain affiliate status as an emerging business leader, you need $500,000 — $2 million in annual revenue, and to gain membership, you need at least $2 million.
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