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Meet…Gaby Howard, Founder of Flaunter (SM17)

Gaby Howard first joined the Startmate community in 2017, when she joined the Accelerator with her company Flaunter. She is now returning as a mentor and participating in First Believers, our new program to build confidence and experience in first-time and early-stage investors.

Name: Gaby Howard

Company: Flaunter —beautiful content management software for PR and marketing teams.

HQ: Sydney, NSW

What were you doing before Startmate?: Before Startmate I was busy building Flaunter solo. Before Flaunter came to life, I ran my own PR Consultancy, where I had the insight into the problem we’re trying to solve.

Why did you decide to get involved in Startmate?: I often reflect on this when Startmate comes up in conversation! The biggest impact SM had was helping me to find a community. Before that, I’d operated relatively ‘alone’. Joining SM made me feel connected to the world of startups — and helped me find more ‘people like me’. From that moment, the world seemed so much bigger…

If it weren’t for Startmate, what do you think you’d be doing?: I’d be growing Flaunter — but without as many smart friends ;)

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given and who gave it to you?: These are probably well documented pieces of advice, and I’ve lost count of who said them [most are said often]. But this is the simple advice that has had the biggest impact:

  1. Solve a problem you are truly, deeply, madly in love with.
  2. Back yourself. No one is better equiped to solve your problem than you.
  3. Starting isn’t the hard part — it’s the ability to keep moving forward every single day, for years and years, that will challenge you the most. So build resilience and be tenacious.
  4. Surround yourself with the most awesome people.
  5. Try to laugh every day.

A book that has impacted you?: The Hard Thing About Hard Things. I read it when I was feeling really challenged and it just changed the way I saw the world.

What is one problem begging to be solved by a Startmate company?: Save our planet.

What is the best change that has occurred in the local startup ecosystem over the past five years?: The focus on diversity and inclusivity. It has — and continues to be — hard-fought. The effort being expended on making these changes is really inspiring. I remember my first tech conference 10 years ago…. gah!



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