Startmate FAQs

Michael Batko
May 23 · 6 min read

What is Startmate?

How is Startmate different from other accelerators?

The final difference is the most difficult to explain. Startmate has a culture of radical honesty and ambition.

Do I have to pay for Startmate?

How does the Startmate investment work?

We invest $75k at a $1m valuation in each one of our companies as soon as you’ve been accepted into the program.

Am I too early?


We’re looking for the most ridiculously ambitious founders in Australia.

Am I too late?

If you haven’t yet raised a Series A round you’re not too late.

What types of startups do you take into the program?

Startmate is industry agnostic — we take the best founders, whichever industry they work in.

I’m in a niche — do you have mentors with the right expertise?

Who are the mentors?

What will I get out of the program?

How big of a time commitment is the Startmate program?

Founders are busy building their companies.

Startmate is about accelerating and supporting that, not getting in the way.

What happens during the program?

How many founders need to participate in the program? Can my team join?

How do I get into Startmate?

1) Office Hours (Optional, highly recommended)

2) Apply on Angellist — here

3) Interview Day

4) In-depth Interview Day

How do I become a mentor?


Startmate is Australia's most ambitious accelerator.

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Startmate is Australia's most ambitious accelerator.