What’s Next For Startmate in 2017

Startmate’s 2017 Demo Days are now done and dusted.

We held incredible events in Sydney and Melbourne, sold-out and standing room only.

The teams represented Startmate proudly.

Here is what’s next for them:

Flaunter — Has raised $850k AUD. They are now hiring a Full-Stack Tech lead.

Black.ai — Raising $950k USD.

Honee — Raising $750k AUD.

Construction Cloud — Has raised $500k AUD. Now hiring engineers.

Mentorloop — Raising $1M AUD.

Morse Micro — Raising $3M USD.

If you want to be connected to any of the teams, email oscar at startmate dot com dot au.

Startmate Demo Day — The Basement, Sydney

Startmate Melbourne

Startmate is launching its inaugural program in Melbourne in July, 2017.

Applications are open now.

Applications close at midnight on June 1.

We are offering you $75,000 in exchange for 7.5% of your company.

If you have already raised more than $250,000 in funding, we will match your last round valuation as at June 1.

If you are successful in getting into the Startmate program, we will let you know on June 8.

Click Here To Apply

About Startmate

Startmate is Australia’s best technology accelerator.

We supercharge Australian founders with the ambition to be the best in the world.

Startmate is an intensive program for 3 months, and a community for life.

Startmate Companies & Investments

As of April 2017, Startmate has funded 52 companies, investing just over $2M across that portfolio.

Startmate’s most recent successes include:

And we’re just as proud of the Startmate circle of life, where the founders whose companies don’t work out go on to do amazing things. For example:

  • Paul Veevers (Journalmate, SM16) is now CTO at Elevio.
  • Samantha Wong (Gravity, SM15) is now VP Operations at Blackbird Ventures, and a Startmate Partner.
  • Ricky Robinson (Composure, SM14) is now CEO of Shorthand.
  • Chris Raethke (GetStall, SM13) went on to join Casey at Bugcrowd as founding CTO.
  • Dan Friedman (Ninja Blocks, SM12) is now VP Product at identitii.
  • Dave Kuhn (Chorus, SM11) is the founding CTO at Spaceship, the technology focussed superannuation fund.

You can see all the Startmate companies here.

You can see what we look for in founders here.

Team, Partners & Mentors

Startmate’s General Manager is Oscar Mclennan.

I (Nick Crocker) am the Startmate Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

Samantha Wong and Rachael Neumann are the Startmate Partners.

Startmate’s mentors invest their own money into the program. That’s a huge part of what makes us different, and what makes the people involved in Startmate committed to deeply helping.

Not actual mentors.

Our mentors are:

  • Warren Hogarth (SF) — CEO, Empower Finance
  • Thomas Rice (SYD) — Lead Tech Analyst, Perpetual
  • Susan Wu (MEL) — Founder, Angel Investor (Twitter, Square, reddit, Canva, LIFX)
  • Stuart Argue (SF) — CTO, Recovery Record (SM12)
  • Silvia Hope (MEL) — CEO, AmazingCo
  • Scott Farquhar (SYD/SF) — CEO, Atlassian
  • Samantha Wong (SYD) — VP Operations, Blackbird Ventures
  • Samantha Mostyn (SYD) — NED (Mirvac, Citibank, Transurban, Virgin)
  • Sandy Kory (SF) — Angel Investor (Canva, Palantir, Bugcrowd)
  • Sam Shoolman (SYD) — Head of A/NZ Sales, Hubspot
  • Sam Chandler (SF) — CEO, Nitro
  • Sally-Ann Williams (SYD) — Engineering Community & Outreach Program Manager, Google
  • Richard Horton (SYD/SF) — Partner, Squire Patton Boggs
  • Rory San Miguel (SYD) — Co-Founder, Propeller Aero (SM14, SM15)
  • Rick Baker (SYD) — Co-Founder, Blackbird Ventures
  • Reuben Bramanathan (SF) — Product Counsel, Coinbase
  • Rami Weiss (SYD) — CEO, Healthshare
  • Rachel Overell (SF) — HR Director TubeMogul, Inc. (acqd. Adobe)
  • Rachael Neumann (MEL) — Head of Strategy, Inventium & Board Member, LaunchVic
  • Phaedon Stough (TAS) — Founder and CEO, Mitchellake Group
  • Peter Huynh (SYD) — Co-Founder and Partner, Qualgro Venture Capital
  • Paul Naphtali (MEL) — Co-Founder and Managing Partner, rampersand
  • Nick Pelly (SYD) — Angel Investor
  • Niki Scevak (SYD) — Founder, Startmate & Co-Founder, Blackbird Ventures
  • Nick Crocker (MEL) — Partner, Blackbird Ventures & EiR, Startmate
  • Rayn Ong (SYD) — Angel Investor, passionate startup t-shirt collector
  • Mike Baukes (SF) — CEO, Upguard (SM12)
  • Mike Cannon-Brookes (SYD) — CEO, Atlassian
  • Mick Liubinskas (SF) — Venture Portfolio Manager, muru-D
  • Michael Overell (SF) — CEO, Recruitloop
  • Melissa Widner (SYD) — General Partner, NAB Ventures
  • Romain Bonjean (SYD) — CEO, Tyde
  • Dean McEvoy (SYD) — CEO, Techsydney
  • Matt Dickinson (BYRON) — Angel Investor
  • Matt Allen (MEL) — Startup BD, AWS
  • John Henderson (SYD) — Partner, Airtree Ventures
  • Jodie Auster (MEL) — GM, UberEats
  • Jeremy Kwong-Law (SYD) — Partner, Grok Ventures
  • Jeremy Bornstein (MEL) — CTO, Totomic
  • Jeremy Cox (MEL) — Co-Founder, Edrolo (SM13)
  • James Windon (SYD) — Investment Committee, Tank Stream Ventures
  • Holly Cardew (SF) — CEO, Pixc
  • Hamish Hawthorn (SF) — COO, Upguard
  • Geoff McQueen (SF) — CEO, Accelo
  • Eloise Watson (MEL) — Partner, rampersand
  • Ned Dwyer (SF) — CEO, newco
  • Duncan Anderson (MEL) — Co-Founder, Edrolo
  • David Kowalski (SYD) — Angel Investor
  • David Kenney (SYD) — Partner, Hall Chadwick
  • David Jones (SF) — CEO, Streethawk
  • Chris Sharkey (SYD) — CTO, Autopilot
  • Casey Ellis (SF) — CEO, Bugcrowd
  • Carl Hartmann (SF) — CEO, Temando
  • Brendan O’Kane (SF) — MD, OtherLevels
  • Bill Bartee (SYD) — Co-Founder, Blackbird Ventures
  • Ben Hartney (SF) — Technical Program Manager, Under Armour Connected Fitness
  • Bardia Housman (SYD) — Angel Investor
  • Alfred Lo (SYD) — Angel Investor
  • Alex Aboitiz (SYD) — Angel Investor
  • Alan Sharp-Paul (SF) — CEO, Upguard (SM12)
  • Alan Downie (MEL) — CEO, newco
  • Alan Jones (SYD) — Startup Evangelist, BlueChilli
  • Andrea Kowalski (SYD) — Investment Director, Bailador

Australia & Technology

There has never been a better time to be an Australian founder.

Atlassian, Envato, Campaign Monitor, RedBubble, Aconex… the list of local successes goes on.

Canva, Zoox, Autopilot, Safety Culture, Skedulo, Shoes of Prey, Culture Amp… the next generation of local successes are exploding.

Resources abound, energy is high, optimism is brimming.

If you have been waiting, then now is the time to stop. It is the time to act.

It is the time to step up.

Startmate is here to help.

Good luck.

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