Startmate is on Tour

Come and meet the community of mentors, founders and investors that have nurtured Startmate to become the #1 accelerator program in Australia.

Melbourne is our home for the next five months. We are thrilled to meet Australia’s best founders from across the country and to invite them to join us.

White Night Festival at Melbourne State Library 2017

We are heading to Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide from Tuesday 2 May until Thursday 18 May. Full dates are below.

In each city, we will introduce you to some of Australia’s most interesting startup founders. We have invited them to share their story.

We will also hear from Australia’s best VCs. Partners from SquarePeg, Rampersand and Blackbird will share the strategies they see the best startups use.

This is a rare opportunity to meet talent (and capital) in one room. It should be a fascinating conversation for anyone who is raising money, or considering it in the next 18 months.

Come along for the unique content and stay for the people. At Startmate events we emphasis connection above all else.


Founder CEOs:

  • Gaby Howard @ Flaunter
  • Rory San Miguel @ Propeller
  • Chris Hexton @ Vero
  • Duncan Anderson @ Edrolo
  • Matt Jones @
  • Chris Duell @ Elevio
  • Andrew Clapman @ Q-Pay


  • Justin Liberman, Founder and Partner @ Square Peg
  • Eloise Watson, Investment Manager @ Rampersand
  • Sam Wong, VP @ Blackbird Venture
  • Nick Crocker, Venture Partner @ Blackbird Ventures
  • Oscar McLennan, GM and Partner @ Startmate

National Tour Dates


Tuesday 2 May → 12:45pm at Enterprize Space → tickets here


Tuesday 9 May→ 6:00pm in Surry Hills → tickets here


Wednesday 10 May → 6:00pm at Inspire9 Cremorne → tickets here


Tuesday 16 May→ 5:30pm at CBR Innovation → tickets here


Thursday 18 May→ 5:30pm at WOTSO→ tickets here


Wednesday 24 May→ 5:00pm at BlueSky VC → tickets here

Startmate Melbourne Application Dates

Applications for Startmate Melbourne are now open.

Applications close June 1.

The program starts July 1.

Use the National Tour events as an opportunity to meet the Startmate team personally.

We would love to meet you and to understand your business and how we can help.

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