The Moon, Venus, and faint Mars, together in the July 12, 2021 night sky. The close proximity of Venus to Mars is the result of a planetary conjunction, while the thin crescent Moon just happened to be relatively nearby. Venus, the brightest planet in Earth’s night sky, easily outshines all the stars, and is some ~200 times brighter than Mars at the moment this photo was taken. (CHRISTOPHER BECKE / @BECKEPHYSICS)

This Is Why Venus Is The Brightest, Most Extreme Planet We Can See

And why, even at its faintest, it always outshines every other star and planet.

Ethan Siegel
Jul 21 · 10 min read

If you’ve been looking to the west after sunset recently, you may have noticed that there’s one point of light that outshines all the others not only around it, but across the entire night sky. That point is the planet…