This artist’s impression of the Nu2 Lupi planetary system shows three exoplanets. If we wanted to observe an Earth-sized planet at an Earth-like distance from a Sun-like star, we would need to block out the Sun-like star’s light to about 1 part in 10-to-100 billion. This is a difficult, but not impossible, task for modern technology. (ESA / CHEOPS COLLABORATION)

What Will Our First Image Of ‘Earth 2.0’ Look Like?

If our nearest star has an Earth-like planet, here’s how we’ll see it.

Ethan Siegel
Jul 20 · 10 min read

As seen from up close, the signs of not only life, but our intelligent, technologically advanced human civilization are unmistakable. Our planet contains continents, oceans, and partial cloud cover, as well as polar icecaps. As the seasons change, the…