Parking is easier with NutiParkla solution. The Startup Story

Ucha Vekua
Startup Adventures International
6 min readJul 28, 2020

There have been lots of issues with parking problems since the very first automobiles were invented. Drivers spend roughly 17 hours a year searching for the parking space. It causes a lot of additional costs, time and headache from the drivers side.

NutiParkla provides the data about parking spot availability, using a machine vision technology. Then they integrate this data into different apps within 48 hours.

Recently, I visited their team in the Tehnopol Startup Incubator and had a chat with their international team members about their amazing idea and easy solution.

Garage48. Base Camp

Khuldoon Bukhari is a CEO of a company, Tengiz Pataraia is a Software Engineer and works mostly on a Machine Vision technology, Vladimir Kuts is a COO, responsible for the partnerships and Taras Maslych is an API & Web Developer.

They have a very interesting founder story to share with us and, I’m sure, it’s inspiring for everyone who wants to start a startup journey:

Tengiz and Khuldoon started TalTech Integrated Engineering Bachelor program in 2014. On their first semester, they had a class ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurship’. Their project for that class was to make a sensor-based parking management app, which went really well and they passed the class successfully.

Then, in 2017 they started studying Maters in the same university and joined the team to work on the self-driving car project in TalTech — Iseauto. There, they got to work on a machine vision technology every day. In the second semester, they had to do the advanced Entrepreneurship class and they simply decided to use the same parking project idea as they did three years before, but now using the Machine Vision technology, because of the Iseauto experience.

TalTech Graduation

Time to time, they were realising that this was actually a brilliant idea and after teacher’s validation, they decided to make it as a real Startup with their friends.

That’s how the core team was born, let’s dig into their story more and check out the interview with them.

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