Scoro’s Way of Working Smarter Not Harder. The interview

Ucha Vekua
Startup Adventures International
7 min readMar 26, 2020

Every Startup founder and CEO knows there are going to be obstacles in the Startup journey, and it is very important to have a great team to be absolutely ready to face any challenges. They also know that they need high-class and comfortable tools to help them be more effective. Scoro helps you to get your work done more efficiently and improve your results.

I recently visited Scoro’s HQ in Tallinn with my friend Hardik Tank, and had a chat with their People Operation Specialist — Mai Kand. The interview went well and it was very interesting to see how this team of passionate professionals operate in their cosy office. You could absolutely feel the startup culture vibes in the office.

Scoro was founded in 2013 with the simple idea — there’s always a smarter way to get work done.

Let’s get started!!!

Here’s what we talked about:

How would you describe Scoro in the simplest way?

Scoro is the most comprehensive business management software solution helping agencies and consultancies around the world work smarter not harder by automating their entire workflow in a single workplace.

The way our software works is easy — Instead of shuffling between different tools, you can access all your important information in one powerful solution. We have customers in more than 70 countries, with most of them being agencies and professional service companies. Our direct customer is actually a CEO of the company looking to manage the team’s work, communication and finances in a more organised way.

We also practice what we preach as our whole team uses Scoro daily. It helps to make the team and cross-department communication clear and more efficient. For instance, it’s easy to get an overview of everyone’s calendar, what they’re working on, or if they need any input. And it’s really transparent. Another…

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