Scoro’s Way of Working Smarter Not Harder. The interview

Ucha Vekua
Mar 26, 2020 · 7 min read

Every Startup founder and CEO knows there are going to be obstacles in the Startup journey, and it is very important to have a great team to be absolutely ready to face any challenges. They also know that they need high-class and comfortable tools to help them be more effective. Scoro helps you to get your work done more efficiently and improve your results.

I recently visited Scoro’s HQ in Tallinn with my friend Hardik Tank, and had a chat with their People Operation Specialist — Mai Kand. The interview went well and it was very interesting to see how this team of passionate professionals operate in their cosy office. You could absolutely feel the startup culture vibes in the office.

Scoro was founded in 2013 with the simple idea — there’s always a smarter way to get work done.

Let’s get started!!!

Here’s what we talked about:

Scoro is the most comprehensive business management software solution helping agencies and consultancies around the world work smarter not harder by automating their entire workflow in a single workplace.

The way our software works is easy — Instead of shuffling between different tools, you can access all your important information in one powerful solution. We have customers in more than 70 countries, with most of them being agencies and professional service companies. Our direct customer is actually a CEO of the company looking to manage the team’s work, communication and finances in a more organised way.

We also practice what we preach as our whole team uses Scoro daily. It helps to make the team and cross-department communication clear and more efficient. For instance, it’s easy to get an overview of everyone’s calendar, what they’re working on, or if they need any input. And it’s really transparent. Another meeting that could have been an email is not a thing in Scoro.

Everyday life in Scoro is amazing: even on a gloomy day our HQ in Tallinn remains the cosiest place you can hide from the bad weather. I love the feeling I get when I have been away for awhile and enter the office in the morning.

A fresh smell of coffee, Karmen (our Office Manager) greeting with a smile, a cheerful dog running towards me, Scorers having breakfast and coffee together in the kitchen area and talking about the weekend. There are always people playing table tennis, having video calls with our other offices, and clients coming in for a meeting — the office is lively.

Yes, we call ourselves Scorers. We define Scorer as an infinitely curious and productive creature, proverbial for its love for humour, software, and success.

What is interesting is that although we support working remotely, then most of the team still spends a majority of their working time in the office. Why? Because we genuinely like each other and don’t want to miss another great meeting, celebration or a joke in the office.

Our core values have grown organically and are not written in stone nor dictated by anyone — this way everyone can find a way to align their own values with ours. But the core values which every Scorer lives by are: working smarter not harder, being structured, honest, caring and fun-loving, and having dedication and enthusiasm to try new things.

We practice it every day. Staying true to our values and traditions, and acknowledging them to new employees helps to keep the good atmosphere. We admit, it needs a lot of attention and should never be taken for granted. That’s why we love our traditions and spending time together. We’ve got many team events for the whole team, such as Scoro Summer Celebration, team breakfasts and Scorer Academy, to name a few.

And everything starts from the right people that fit the team. Thereby we really do take time to hire the best candidates, because it’s easy to get lost in the hiring process when the company is growing rapidly. Whenever choosing new people for our team, we always keep in mind our company values. You have to commit to finding people who can improve your company culture and bring new ideas to the team.

Scoro also has a strong and positive DNA — and positivity, evidently, is contagious. We are recognized as a family friendly company and were the finalists in the Dream Employer 2020 competition.

When it comes to hiring, we look for the people whose eyes lit up the same way as ours when they hear about Scoro. The words that describe our recruitment process are - structured, thorough, deliberate and stress-free.

We want to see the candidates several times to really understand whether this person is the next Scorer. We assess them at every stage of the hiring process: from reading the resume and motivational letter to the final interviews with the actual team members and Fred (CEO & Founder) himself.

Our goal is to find people that have a strong drive, hunger for learning new things, can bring something new to the team + have a great personality, because we believe that hiring positive and open minded people will help us to solve many problems. So, even if the candidate has enormous experience and is highly skilled, yet lacks the ability to work in a team, we won't hire them.

I am really proud to say that we have built a strong culture of hiring. All our team members are encouraged to be engaged in the hiring process and help us find the best people to join Scoro. You can find candidates everywhere — you talk to a stranger on the plane, with your neighbour, you go to a conference, you catch-up with your friends, former colleagues — the key is to spread the word. How else will people know how life is at Scoro.

Without the amazing team, we wouldn’t have world-class software. Never underestimate what a small group of committed, smart people can do

We actually welcomed our 100th team member in December 2019 and today we have 105 employees in the offices across Europe and the US, with some of them fully working remotely from a home office.

Scoro was born out of Fred’s (CEO & Founder) personal need. He’s been in the music business for years and spent a lot of time working together with musicians. Which sometimes meant working up to 17 hours a day and still not getting everything done. What became evident was that even when he had a clear plan mapped out for the day, he spent a majority of time ‘firefighting’ — taking care of the most urgent things.

He came across a book by David Allen called “Getting Things Done”. Feeling inspired by his methods, he started to measure and track his activities throughout the day to have a better understanding of where he’s time is spent. He quickly realized how much of his day is spent on reactive work, such as answering phone calls and emails.

This information available, he was able to better plan his days — spend less time on reactive tasks and more time on the things he had planned for the day. This new system empowered him to be proactive and work more efficiently.

That’s when he decided to build software for his personal use — for planning his work and prioritizing tasks. And once people around him showed interest in the product, he realized that a lot of people were faced with similar challenges. And suddenly, software that was built out of personal need proved to be of value for so many other people as well.

Today, Scoro is 6 years old and has clients in more than 70 countries. Our mission is to help businesses around the globe to become more productive and efficient in their work.

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable


It was great to visit the office of Scoro . I would like to thank Mai for finding time to have a chat with us and sharing very motivating and inspiring insights about their company culture.

Thank you!

Ucha Vekua


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Ucha Vekua

Written by

Content Creator — Sharing experiences and Startup Adventures 🚀

Startup Adventures International

We are Startup Adventures - we show how the startup mindset works! In this publication, you can share your startup experiences and tell us about you! Join our community on Facebook 🙌🏼 🚀

Ucha Vekua

Written by

Content Creator — Sharing experiences and Startup Adventures 🚀

Startup Adventures International

We are Startup Adventures - we show how the startup mindset works! In this publication, you can share your startup experiences and tell us about you! Join our community on Facebook 🙌🏼 🚀

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